Erdem ALKIM, who is one of the PhD students of Department of Mathematics, Computer Science Programme professor Dr. Urfat NURİYEV, has been awarded the 
​Facebook ​
Internet Defense Prize
​ in 2016​
with his coauthors Léo Ducas (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, The Netherlands), Thomas Pöppelmann (Infineon Technologies AG, Germany), and Peter Schwabe (Radboud University, The Netherlands) for their paper "Post-Quantum Key Exchange – A New Hope"

The fact that 
​the ​
problems which is used to build 
 crypto systems can be solved in polynomial time when a large enough quantum computer is built, motivates scientists to build cryptographic primitives which are based on different problems. Erdem ALKIM et al. proposed a scheme that allows secure internet connection, which is indicated as "https" in internet browsers, remain secure after quantum computers is built. The security and efficiency of the proposed protocol brought attention to it. The protocol is first used by Google in addition to nowadays protocols to understand cost of using post-quantum schemes in everyday scenarios. Then, after it was applied in TOR project in addition to their current protocol, the paper was accepted as oral presentation at 25th USENIX Security Symposium in Austin, Texas in 2016 and during this symposium, it was selected as the winner of "Internet Defense Prize", which is the prize that F
 rewards scientific contributions that serves to make internet is more secure.